Puzzle game

If you have ten minutes to play something nice, you wont be disappointed by this game. Find your way in this tiny island by using pictures to change what you see into what is. This is a tiny and interesting puzzle game.  One single mechanic explored with beatifull visuals and music. 

I made this game for the Platzi Olimpiadas Competition, In a six day sprint to explore the theme of "what is reality?"

Reality is what we perceive through or senses, as deceitful as they can be. Reality exists in the eyes of the beholder. 

If you enjoyed the game, and are feeling friendly. Let me know in Twitter! @orlagames

My Name is Orlando Almario, I make nice adventure games and post weekly content about it!get free games, reviews, illustrations and more.

To play on the browser on OSX please use firefox, also disable ad-blockers or brave shields if the game is not loading.

Assets used in the game:

- The Illustrated Nature
- Soft Piano vol 1
- 3d Models by kenney
- Violin sound by Samulis at Freesound

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, HTML5
Release date Mar 05, 2021
Rated 4.1 out of 5 stars
(7 total ratings)
GenrePuzzle, Adventure
Made withUnity
Tags3D, FPS
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Gamepad (any)
LinksHomepage, Twitter


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Very cool idea. If it wasn't as precise and finnicky it would be a flawless experience. The visuals are stunning, great work!

The only problem is that it might want an option for a hand holding, at first i used the boxes to go over boarders bc i did not know there was a picture to open the boarder, so i just used the boxes instead of the picture, I got the main gyst in the second run and the first run was just abusing bugs.

thank you for playing! I agree, I struggled to find a way to teach the mechanics properly  inside the house, thats something I would improve if this becomes a full game.

if you would like to play that game, keep an eye out here: https://orla.games

Good game!, at first i don't know how to play but then i figured it out :3


i just found a way to beat the game with one painting, in less than a minute ksdjfhkjsahf

unoptimized as hecc: but i got a ~36 second run

it's possible to skip the first cutscene, and if running on web you should go through the game once so that you reduce lag. 

I am perplexed! haha thank you for playing! and for speedrunning! 


Nice speed run


try to do the same as you and get 20 :o

time to spam ask speedrun.org for a slot

Really reminds me of "The Witness" in a way

(1 edit)

Very relaxing game; was a lovely calming experience to have in the morning!

The central mechanic was so satisfying and really engaging, I really loved how you executed it.  And the final framing for the credits was unbelievably beautiful!

There were only two things that stood out to me as potential improvements for the next one.

(1) Seeing the edge of the world map was pretty distracting for me; so could have been cool to extend that onto the horizon, or build more mountains etc. This also meant there were loads of invisible bounaries which at times felt a bit contrived; as it really looked like I should be able to jump around the gate! haha. I even realised you can jump around the gate's left side.

(2) The introduction of the boxes kind of threw me off a little as it made me stack them to get over the fense and then stack them to place the bridge to the final place. I like that this is a secondary way to get to the main objective. But it was a little annoying as the box physics was a bit janky (I could push other boxes through the floor an they didn't like standing on top of each other) haha.

But those two things are minor. The game is charming, beautiful and serene. I'm in awe :)


thank you for playing!

- yes! that anoyed me as well, there is a bug in the unity terrain system that does not render "holes" in the terrain correctly and I just did not have the time to debug.

- yes! the boxes arrghhh! physics are hard! I am aware of the many issues, that's in part why I gave so many boxes so that you would not get soft locked because of them pushing thought the ground or something. 

I might revisit this little game in a couple weeks and asses those two points just for fun, I am also thinking if I should make this into a full game. 

thank you for playing and for your mindful commentary! 

honestly, i thought the only way you can get past through the gate was with boxes. after trying to solve a puzzle i saw the painting with the gate open. what a bruh moment

it's a charming game but i struggled with placing the boxes/crates for a bit as they kept sinking into the ground and that really annoyed me for a while :" but overall, a nice game with an interesting concept! 

thank you for playing! I really appreciate it. 

I knoowww the boxes and the physics are sooo janky, I just did not have time to do a proper implementation, I will revisit this in a couple weeks and improve it. I am glad you enjoyed it! 

me encantó, sentí la estética como una mezcla entre return of the obra dinn y the witness.


muchas gracias! the witness fue una referencia visual por supuesto! (no lo he jugado todo, pero creo que lo hare pronto) 
muchas gracias por jugar! 

hermoso y maravilloso juego. Las mecánicas son realmente dinámicas y divertidas, la música ayuda mucho al inmersión del juego. Te felicito.

gracias por jugar! y por tu comentario, me hace muy feliz saber que el juego ha divertido. 

beautiful. i really really loved this

thank you for playing! 

This was really cool


Thank you for playing! 

Completado, me parece maravilloso!

gracias por jugar! 

Nice game bro I really enjoyed it , it's quite relaxing and the art is beautiful. It took me like 5 min to realize how the mechanics works because I tried to rush into it without see the paint hehe

thank you for playing! 

The idea and mechanics to this game are super unique and I really enjoyed playing it. I think the controls could use a bit of fine tuning but seriously, would love to see more. Thanks for making!

Thank you! yes! the controls are something I might make a revision on the future and to improve the tutorial as well. 

I am glad you like it! I am thinking on making this into a commercial game with much more content, you can subscribe for updates on my thing here: https://orla.games


This is a very cool concept that could be improved upon with better level design in my opinion. The first couple of painting were a cool experience but using the painting from the island with two paintings on did not work for me. I felt like I was matching up the painting to form the bridge to the last tree perfectly but instead had to hunt around for where you had placed the trigger to say that it was actually correct. Unless I was missing something. Having more lenient triggers for the paintings and a smart designed world could make this an incredibly interesting take on the 3d puzzler. Having the key also be the map is a fun trick


I am not quite sure where you got stuck, I think it was with the painting with the third bridge? 

that's really the puzzle of the game! if you look closely you will notice that you cant really match that painting from the ground.

so you should keep exploring, thank you for playing!